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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) were discovered about 15 years ago in hematopoieticcancers. Subsequently, cancer stem cells were discovered in various solid tumors.Based on parallels with normal stem cells, a developmental process of cancer stemcells follows paths of organized, hierarchical structure of cells with differentdegrees of maturity. While some investigators have reported particular markers asidentification of cancer stem cells, these markers require further research. In thisreview, we focus on the functional genomics of cancer stem cells. Functionalgenomics provides useful information on the signaling pathways which areconsecutively activated or inactivated amongst those cells. This information is ofparticular importance for cancer research and clinical treatment in many respects.Understanding of self-renewal mechanisms crucial to tumor growth. Allow theidentification of new, more specific marker for CSCs, and pathways that aresuitable as future targets for anti-cancer drugs. This is of particular importance,because today's chemotherapy targets the proliferating cancer cells sparing therelatively slow dividing cancer stem cells. The first step on this long roadtherefore is to analyze genome-wide expression-profiles within the same type ofcancer and then between different types of cancer, encircling those target genes andpathways, which are specific to these cells. 

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PhD Christian Regenbrecht
Senior Scientist, Group leader Cancer Stem Cells, Head of LFGC Core Facility
t: +49 30 450 536 194