Additional collaborative projects

Collaboration with the Hungarian Academy of Science and Semmelweis University Budapest

Meta-analysis of gene signatures relevant for cancer prognosis and functional analysis of therapy resistance in solid tumors

TREAT 1000

The international collaborative project TREAT 1000 (Tumor Research and Treatment) was launched in 2009. The objective of the project partners at the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics and the Genome Center, Harvard Medical School, is to fully sequence 1000 tumor genomes and to correlate mutation patterns, expression profiles and other characteristics with clinical parameters. As a result, a comprehensive assessment of all active signalling pathways and regulatory circuits will be generated for each tumor. The integrated information is used to deduce therapy recommendations based on available inhibitors. In this way, TREAT 1000 is the necessary step in pursuing the concept of personalized cancer medicine. undefinedmore information about TREAT1000

Laboratory of Functional Genomics (LFGC) – a Charité core facility

Profs. R. Schäfer and Christian Hagemeier, Laboratory of Pediatric Molecular Biology,  jointly coordinate the Charité Core Facility LFGC. The lab specializes in microarray technologies and offers full service, including bioinformatics, to all Charité groups. Very recently, the technical portfolio has been enlarged substantially. Besides Affymetrix technology, several other microarray platforms are available, e.g. for the detection of miRNA. In collaboration with Prof. Achim Kramer, Laboratory of Chronobiology, LFGC provides access to a lentiviral shRNA library for functional studies. For more information on LFGC organization and services click undefinedhere


Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Reinhold Schäfer
Molecular Tumor Pathology Laboratory
t: +49 30 450 536 072